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Registered Charity (England & Wales) no. 1189095


The overall decline in rhino poaching is encouraging, yet there remains an acute threat to the survival of these iconic animals. We must continue to support the growth of rhino numbers through active population management and anti-poaching activities to ensure the future of the species.



You can help us support conservation, anti-poaching and community projects at a time when this endangered species remains at such risk, either by purchasing an item of handmade jewellery or simply by donating directly.



 All profits raised through the sales of our jewellery are going to three fantastic causes. Money raised over the summer will continue to be split between these charities, helping to fund their essential and highly successful projects. Click on the link below to donate to our causes without purchasing jewellery.

Latest Testimonials

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Penny 12/05 - United Kingdom

"I went to Kariega in Feb 23 and was completely overwhelmed. I fell in love with the Rhinos and Thandi and signed up to WWF adopt a Rhino. I stumbled across your website and so pleased I did. I have bought one pendant for my good friend who also went to Kariega this year, as a birthday present, and one for me... just because. I love what you have created here and wish the very best of luck. I left a piece of my heart in Kariega and vow to return soon."

Andrea United Kingdom - 17/04

"Keep up the great work! Will be recommending to my friends and buying again (next pay day!)"

Melody United States - 25/03

"I’m hoping that my daughter bought me a rhino tear necklace for my upcoming birthday….this bangle is to go with it so fingers crossed.. I think your cause is wonderful and wish you lots of luck in your future endeavour to save the rhinos."

Adam United Kingdom - 13/03

"Stunning jewellery with an amazing story to support a very worth cause 🙂 "

Alice United Kingdom - 27/02

"My daughter and I always wear our necklaces - love them x "


Rhino Tears shop has jewellery for all ages and occasions. The Tears are lovingly crafted and hand-finished to the highest quality.

You can help us save the rhino today.


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Jewellery designer, Sarah Cobden-Ramsay, creates timeless pieces for her Rhino Tear jewellery collection. 100% of the profits from Rhino Tears go towards various anti-poaching projects across Africa. Rhino Tears Jewellery is a registered charity in the UK (1189095).


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My inspiration

On a visit to the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa I encountered a rhino called Thandi quietly grazing with her calf. I learnt that she is a rare survivor of a brutal poaching attack...



#Tears For Rhinos