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The rhino crisis

100% of profits from Rhino Tears Jewellery go towards various conservation & anti-poaching projects across Africa.

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Carolyn Australia - 24/08

"Thank you for making this beautiful jewellery and in doing so raising awareness for rhinos. Thank you also being so helpful via messenger, I look forward to receiving my Rhino Tear."

Kathryn United States - 18/06

"I am so happy that 100-percent of the purchase price will go toward protecting these beautiful animals. Thank you so much for caring!"

Valerie United Kingdom - 01/06

"Just keep going. Your products are beautiful and will now be on all BD and Xmas present lists."

Lindsay United Kingdom - 31/05

"I think this is a fantastic idea. After spending a few months in Africa last year and seeing just how serious the poaching crisis is, I understand your passion to help. I have often felt helpless being so far away, unable to directly support the efforts there but you have found a way to do just that. Your jewellery is beautiful and it will become a little piece of Africa that I carry around with me along with the memories I made there, and hope one day I can make an impact like you have done to save these beautiful animals. Thank you."

Anika Germany - 10/05

"I visited Kariega Game Reserve in Feb 2018 and Met Thandi ... it was Love at first sight! You are doing a good thing here!!!"

Ashley United Kingdom - 10/05

"Such a fabulous idea - bought a bangle for a friends daughters 21st"


Rhino Tears shop has jewellery for all ages and occasions. The Tears are lovingly crafted and hand-finished to the highest quality.

You can help us save the rhino today.


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Jewellery designer, Sarah Cobden-Ramsay, creates timeless pieces for her Rhino Tear jewellery collection. 100% of the profits from Rhino Tears go towards various anti-poaching projects across Africa.


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My inspiration

On a visit to the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa I encountered a rhino called Thandi quietly grazing with her calf. I learnt that she is a rare survivor of a brutal poaching attack...



#Tears For Rhinos